At Brain Bunny Workshops, our classes are focused on teaching kids how to write creatively. We’ve found that instilling a love of story telling, rather than focusing on spelling and grammar, helps children gain confidence in their creative writing skills.


"What's Under The Bed?" Ten and Up Winner

by Claire Bennett “Charlotte! Dinner!” her mother’s piercing voice rang through the house. “Coming mum...” mumbled 11 year old Charlotte. Downstairs her mum; Guadalupe, was busy with preparations for dia de los muertos: a mexican celebration. Her mum had been doing nothing else for the last three weeks. Charlotte's rickety, old traditional house had been transformed; it was ...more

"What's Under The Bed?" Ten and Up Shortlist

Well, it's been a very busy time reading all of your fantastic entries, but a very enjoyable one too. Some of the stories had me laughing out loud, and others had me scared to read the end - brilliant on both accounts! I was very impressed with the creativity from everyone in both categories.Thank you to ...more

Writing Tips

Show Don’t Tell

Show don't tell is a phrase you may have heard before. Writing that shows us things about the character gets the reader more involved in the story than writing that tells the same information. Below are some examples of showing vs telling. You could say: “She was sad that he had left.” Or you could show the reader, ...more

Get inspired

Ideas for writing are everywhere – it’s just a matter of noticing them. You might like to try carrying a notebook with you so you can write down ideas as they come to you. You might not use all of them straight away, but you can always come back to them for inspiration when you’re ...more


Maddison (Age 9)

"I loved the holiday program and writing is my favourite activity at school. I'm looking forward to seeing you again because you are kind, funny and you're a happy person." more

Megan (mother, age 9)

  "Caoimhe's writing bug has been re-inspired from your class. She is on a roll again and her eyes light up when she talks about her writing. So thank you." more