400 Words

Document with correctionsHi Brain Bunnies!

The Breeze are now taking entries for their 400 words writing competition. Entries are open to writers under age 13 in two categories: ages 9 and under, and ages 10 to 13. Stories must be fiction, and under 400 words in length, so watch those word counts!

You can find more details, writing tips and encouragement from well-known kiwis on The Breeze Website here. Entries close on the 27th September, so now’s the time to get writing.

Good luck to everyone entering!

Writing Tip: If you’re struggling to cut words to get a story down under a word limit, try reading through your story looking for words like “very”, “really” or “quite.” Often you will find you can cut these without changing the meaning of the sentence too much. The same goes for things like “sort of” or “kind of.” You may also like to look for sentences like “He started to run…” or “He was running…” Both of these could be changed to “He ran…” which will save some words, and can even make your writing flow better!

Happy writing!
Helen and Mary