A Poem from the Karori Class

This week the Karori Brain Bunny class were learning about poetry – in particular list poems, metaphors and similes. They were asked to come up with a topic as a group and each write one metaphor or simile on that subject. Then we put the lines together to create a collaborative poem. The Karori class chose the subject of “Death”, and here is their fantastic poem.


Death is a stone,
sinking to the bottom
of a dark, forgotten lake.

Death is like a hungry cow,
devouring grass,
but instead it eats human lives.

Death is like a wave,
washing over a family member
in the bubbling sea.

Death is the ghastly face
of a black hole,
sucking brightness out of the world.

Death is like cleaning a toilet
inside a plane about to crash.

Death is like a ladder to the clouds,
you don’t know
if you are almost there.


The class then went on to write individual poems, on a range of subjects including “Laughter” “Feelings” and “Fun”.

Happy Writing!