About us

Helen with a group of holiday programme studentsHere at Brain Bunny we believe that anyone can learn how to write and express themselves creatively. The driving force behind the company is to instil a love of creative writing in students. We aim to do this by creating a fun, friendly environment where creativity and expression is actively encouraged. Classes focus on a wide range of topics relating to creative writing so that by the end of the course, young writers will feel confident to tackle any writing challenge.


Brain Bunny Workshops began in 2011 as a series of holiday writing workshops, raising funds for local charitableTeacher and students organisations. After seeing the enthusiasm of the writers and the huge demand for classes that taught young people how to write creatively, Brain Bunny Workshops was born.

Programme Director Helen Vivienne Fletcher has been passionate about writing from a very young age, and wants to share this passion with the next generation of young writers. Whether a student is already a budding writer, or struggling with writing and reading at school, Brain Bunny classes offer something for everyone.