Parent and Child Workshop

Two assistance dogs lie in the sun in front of the Assistance Dogs New Zealand logo

ADNZ Paddy and Bindi

This parent and child fundraiser workshop is a special opportunity for children and caregivers to attend a creative writing class together.

All proceeds will go to Assistance Dogs New Zealand, to help them in their important work providing dogs to New Zealanders like me, living with disability.

For children aged 8-12 and caregivers aged 16+

Enrol now, contact us for more information, or scroll down for a list of frequently asked questions.

When and where is the workshop? Will there be another one?

Sunday 25th November, 2-5pm at the Churton Park Community Centre.

This is a one-off workshop. We don’t currently have plans to run another one, but it may be a possibility if this one is popular.

How much does it cost?

A $70 donation to Assistance Dogs New Zealand, per parent and child team. Donations must be made before the start of the workshop.

Why a parent and child workshop?

We know many kids can have anxiety about attending a new class, and parents sometimes have to stay in our regular workshops to help settle their child. This class is an opportunity for kids who are a little more nervous to try out our classes while having the support of a caregiver participating too.

We also know sometimes parents would really like to do writing classes themselves, but can’t find the time with kids at home. This class is a way to share an interest in writing and storytelling together, and to encourage children with their writing by making it fun.

My child is outside the listed age range. Can they still enrol?

There is some flexibility to the age range. Please contact us to discuss whether this workshop is right for your child.

Can my child attend without a parent/caregiver? Can an adult attend without a child?

No, this workshop is just for children and caregivers to attend together. If your child would like to attend a class alone, please enrol in our January holiday programme or one of our ten week classes.

If you are an adult looking to attend a creative writing class, I also teach classes at the Wellington High School Community Education Centre. Those classes are suitable for adults and older teens.

As a caregiver, will I have to do any writing?

Yes, parents and caregivers will be doing all the creative writing exercises too! Don’t worry – no one’s writing will be perfect, and you don’t have to share anything you write if you don’t want to. The workshop is about having fun with writing and storytelling, and encouraging children with their writing, not about writing the perfect story.

Does the caregiver have to be the child’s main caregiver?

No, your child can attend the workshop with an aunty, uncle, older sibling over the age of 16, family friend etc. The child’s main caregiver MUST give permission for the child to attend the workshop though.

Can I attend with both my children?

Yes – you can add another child or a second parent/caregiver to your enrolment for a $100 donation.

Why Assistance Dogs New Zealand?

I have an assistance dog, Bindi, who you will get to meet at the workshop. Bindi helps me with some of the symptoms I have from lupus. Donations go to help fund a dog for another New Zealander like me.

Can I get a tax receipt for the workshop?

Yes. We’ll get you to pay the donation directly to Assistance Dogs New Zealand, through my Givealittle page, and they will send you a tax receipt. These donations will be non-refundable, so please don’t make a payment until I confirm we’re ready for you to do so.

If you’re unable to pay through the Givealittle, let us know and we’ll arrange another method for donation and receipt.

Can I pet Bindi?

When Bindi has her jacket on, you can’t touch her as she’s working, but she will have a break when we have a break. Once her jacket is off, you can give her some pats.

Another Assistance Dog, Paddy, will also be attending the workshop. Please check with his handler, Liz, before petting him.

Any other questions? Feel free to contact us. Otherwise enrol now by filling out our online form..