Congratulations Pilar!

16 November 2012

Last week we posted about the launch of our guest tutor William Dewey’s latest book The Homeland of Pure Joy. The launch was a very enjoyable evening, and I’m looking forward to settling down to read the book. If you didn’t manage to make it out, you can still pick up a copy from Unity Books Wellington, or directly from the Lawrence and Gibson website here.

Over here at Brain Bunny Headquarters, we’ve had some more good news. We’d like to send a big congratulations out to one of our students Pilar, who’s short story came second place in a competition run by her school, Johnsonville Main School. Pilar’s story was entitled Life which was the theme of the competition. I had a chance to read Pilar’s story, during the feedback week of last term’s classes, and I was very impressed with her work. You can read Pilar’s story, along with the other winning entries on the Johnsonville Main School’s website here. Congratulations, Pilar – it was very well deserved.

Writing tip: Ideas for stories or poems can come from just about anywhere, but sometimes it’s hard to remember all of them! Try keeping a notebook just for ideas. Write down ideas for plots, lines of dialogue, characters and settings, even if they’re not complete. If you’re an artist or photographer, you may like to add or collect pictures too. You may not end up using all of the ideas straight away, but it will be a great source of inspiration the next time you’ve got a touch of writer’s block!

Happy Writing!
Helen and Mary