New Venue!

21 October 2012

Here at Brain Bunny we’re busy settling in to our new venue at the Whitireia Performance Centre. This venue gives us more options for activities we can do in classes, as there is more room and we don’t have to worry too much about disturbing the neighbours! The Whitireia Performance Centre is home to many classes for children, adults and teenagers, details for which can be found on their website here.

In the last few weeks, we’ve held both our October holiday programme and first class of term four at Whitireia. The holiday programme was great fun, with some very creative ideas and stories being produced. You can see what some of the students and parents had to say about the day, on our testimonials page here.

Our term four classes are shaping up to be lots of fun too. Mary and I really enjoyed meeting everyone last week, and it was great to see a mix of new and familiar faces. We’re really looking forward to the rest of the term and seeing what fabulous stories and ideas come out of the classes.

Writing tip: If you get stuck in a story, try thinking “What if?” What if your character misses the bus instead of catching it? What if they meet someone while walking home? What if there’s something waiting for them on their doorstep? You might not end up using all of these ideas, but they might help your story get un-stuck!

Happy Writing!
Helen and Mary