Poems from the Island Bay Class

This week the Island Bay Brain Bunny class were learning about poetry – in particular list poems, metaphors and similes. They worked in two groups, and were asked to choose a topic and each write one metaphor or simile on that subject. Then we put the lines together to create two collaborative poems. The groups chose “Cats” and “Orange Soda” as their subjects, and here are their poems.


The cat looks like its skin is painted.
Cats are solid mischief,
wrapped in a thick coat of joy.
Cats are a whirlwind
of paws, claws and whiskers.
Cats are like a fish trap.
Cats are walking fur bags.
Cats are devils that feed on ratty souls.

Orange Soda

Orange soda is like a full container of bubbles,
like a fresh blast in your mouth,
as fizzy as lemonade,
as tasty as sodary oranges.

Orange soda goes down the tunnel like melted gold
running down your throat,
lava from a volcano
as hot as the centre of the world.

Orange soda is like a volcano erupting,
orange bubbles floating in the sky
and everyone wonders why oh why
is orange soda so… orange!

The class then went on to write individual poems, on a range of subjects. You can find another metaphor and simile poem from the Karori class here.

Happy Writing!