April School Holiday Writing Ideas 2

Today with have another guest author, Adelina Gotera, joining us to share a creative writing prompt. Adelina suggests gathering some “Loose parts” from around the house.

Loose Parts, a good prompt for creative writing

Photo of a bowl of marbles and stonesLoose parts are mobile materials which can be moved, carried, combined, redesigned and taken apart and put back together in multiple ways. They can be natural things, such as leaves, sticks, stones or plants, or man-made such as clothes pegs, marbles, bits of fabric or buttons.

Try combining your loose parts in different ways. Try to build or create something, and then answer the following questions and see if they turn into a story!

Photo of a bowl of kitchen sponges and measuring cupsl. What did you create?
2. How will you make it work?
3. How useful is it? What can it do for you and other people?
4. What is the name of the object?
5. What do you think it is made of?
6. Is it natural? If not, where do you think it came from?
7. What do you think the object/s could be useful for?

Remember, there are no wrong answers! Whatever your loose parts inspire is the right idea.

About Adelina

After working with kids for more than a decade, Adelina felt there was a missing niche for children’s stories dealing with death. After watching her daughter deal with the death of her grandmother, Adelina created her first children’s book, Grandma Lives in Us.

In 2008, Adelina visited her country of origin. During this time, she cried silently, as she watched so many young children running around playing on sidewalks of secondary streets in poor communities. There are no parks nearby, no toys, and no creative play spaces. What was most inspiring for her, however, was with all of the dangers and the dirty environment, the children were playing happily. This inspired her to write her second book, I Will Play With You.

You can find out more about Adelina and her books at www.adelinagotera.com

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Happy Writing!
Adelina and Helen