You’re a poet and you know it

fridge magnet poetry "roses are red violets are blue"There are lots of different types of poetry. You may have already come across some at school. Just like books, there will some you like and some you don’t. Poetry comes in many forms, including haiku, sonnet, limerick, pantoum and free verse. Sometimes working to a form can inspire ideas. Try researching different poetry forms to see which ones appeal to you. If you want to try your hand at writing poetry, you might like to try one of the ideas below. Continue reading

Karen (mother, age 9)

Drawing of bunny“Meg’s enthusiasm to attend weekly after school writing classes has given her a place where her passion for writing is celebrated and nurtured. Returning home after these sessions Meg often retires to the computer where she bangs out a piece of writing, needing to get it out as soon as possible! I think this is a testimonial in itself for how Brain Bunny can inspire and build on the strengths a child already possesses.”

Term One Update

Student WritingWe’ve made some exciting new changes at Brain Bunny lately. This term, we’ve been offering private individual and small group creative writing lessons. I’ve had chance to meet some new budding young writers through these, and I’ve been very impressed with the work they’ve created during lessons.
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