Christmas Holidays

Here at Brain Bunny HQ, we’ve finished classes for the year. As usual, our last class for the term was our feedback week. In this week students can bring in a piece of writing from home to read aloud, and get feedback on. Mary and I were very impressed with the quality of all the work brought in, and with the thoughtful feedback students gave on each other’s work.

We’ll be running afterschool classes again next year, but before that we have three one day holiday programmes coming up in January – two creative writing and one theatre sports. We’re really looking forward to seeing all the creative stories and ideas that come out of them, and hope to see some familiar faces.

In the meantime, if you’re looking for inspiration for writing projects over the holidays, we’ll be keeping this blog and our facebook page updated with tips and ideas, along with details of any competitions or writing opportunities that come up. You might also like to have a look at the Stargazers and Trailblazers website, written by our friend Holly the Storytailor. Holly has heaps of writing exercises and ideas for young writers wanting to get the creative juices flowing.

You might also like to check out Holly’s other website, where you can read all about her storytelling adventures and her latest book Hometime. In Holly’s words: “Hometime is a collection of short stories for 9-12 year olds and anyone who has been 9-12 years old. The stories are mostly about the things kids that age get up to when they’re mucking around home – especially when there is scant parental supervision.” Sounds like great holiday time reading to us!

Happy writing!
Mary and Helen