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At Brain Bunny Workshops, our classes are focused on teaching kids how to write creatively. We’ve found that instilling a love of story telling, rather than focusing on spelling and grammar, helps children gain confidence in their creative writing skills.

Each week we focus on a different topic, from Where do ideas for stories come from? to How to edit and rewrite a completed first draft. Classes are made up of a mixture of group discussions, writing exercises and writing games to help engage all different types of learners.

Our classes are suitable for students who are passionate about creative writing and looking for extension, as well as students who are struggling with writing in a classroom setting and looking to gain confidence.

Our Holiday Programmes are aimed at ages 8-12. Please contact us if you have a child outside this age range who is interested in attending.

Individual and Small-Group lessons are suitable for ages 7+ and can be tailored to your child’s needs.

As of the beginning of 2020, we will not be organising regular afterschool classes, but we will be open for individual and small group lesson requests. If you have a larger group of students who would like to do lessons (i.e. a group at school) we are happy to work with you. Please contact us to discuss options.

If you’re looking for classes for adults who want to write for children, Helen also teaches the Writing for Children workshops at the Wellington High School Community Education Centre.