Holiday Creative Writing Inspiration Seven

Pictures of faces cut from a magazineSometimes it can be useful to figure out more about the characters (the people) in your stories before you start writing. Even if it doesn’t all end up in your final piece of writing, information about your characters can help you get ideas about what might happen in the story, or even inspire a sequel! You might like to try some of the ideas below:  

  • Write a list of ten facts about each of your characters. For example: What are their favourite things? What don’t they like? What are they scared of? Do they have any pets?
  • Try looking through pictures of faces in old magazines or newspapers. If you find any that look like your characters, you may like to cut them out and stick them in your note book. Just make sure everyone’s finished with the magazine first!
  •  Make a list of things that might be in your character’s bag or desk. Is there anything strange or unusual in there? Could that be the start of a new story?

Happy Writing!


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