Holiday Creative Writing Inspiration Three

Letters and stampsDo you send out holiday cards or letters? Writing letters or cards can be a great holiday project, and mail can be a fabulous source of ideas for stories and poetry. Along with writing to family and friends over the holidays, you might like to try one or more of the ideas below.

  • Try to write a story or poem short enough to fit on the back of a postcard. If you’re going on holiday, maybe you could find a postcard, write out the story and post it to someone back at home. If you’re not going away, send the story to a friend or someone in your family.
  • How about writing a story that includes a letter? What does the letter say? Who sent it? What will the character in your story do after reading it?
  • Do you have a friend or family member who also likes to write? Perhaps you could write a story together. Write the first page, then post it to your friend and let them write the next part of the story. When they’re finished, they can post it back to you.
  • Have you ever received a letter? Try writing a poem about the person who sent it to you.

Happy Writing!


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