Poems From the Churton Park Class

This week the Churton Park Brain Bunny class were learning about writing descriptions, and in particular about using metaphors and similes in poetry. They worked in two groups, and were asked to choose a topic and each write one metaphor or simile on that subject. Then we put the lines together to create two collaborative poems. The groups chose “The Sea” and “The Forest” as their subjects, and here are their poems.

The Sea

The Sea is like an angry storm,
waking from the deep.

The sea is as blue as my pen.

The sea is a big glob of jelly
with lots of pieces of fruit
always moving in it.

The sea is the crystal blue sky
blowing in the wind.

The sea is like a watery, salty freezer.

The sea’s freezing bony fingers
sweep across the shore,
blindly dragging their victims
into the sea’s monstrosity.

The Forest

The forest is not just bushes and other plants,
it is as big as Sri Lanka.

The forest is like a cave
the trees keep you in its endless labyrinth
with little sunlight to spare.

The forest is a lake
lingering in the sunlight.

The forest is big and easy to get lost in
like a maze in the dark.

The forest is another dimesion
with countless things yet to be discovered
and things that will remain untouched
and unknown to all.

The class then went on to write individual poems, on a range of subjects. For more metaphor and simile poems from past classes, see A Poem from the Karori Class who chose “Death” as their subject and Poems from the Island Bay Class, who wrote their poems about “Cats” and “Orange Soda”.

Happy Writing!