Creative Writing Competition for Kids

To celebrate the launch of my new junior novel, There’s No Such Things As Humans, I’m running a creative writing competition for children.

In There’s No Such Thing As Humans, Grub is a little monster who is absolutely terrified of humans, especially the one his brother says lives under his bed. That got me thinking, what else could be hiding under the bed? A portal to another world? An ancestor’s diary? 14 socks missing their partners?

Write a story about finding something under a bed for your chance to win a book prize pack.

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Story Cave

Logo for Story Cave. Picture of a bat with the words Story CaveThis week I got the chance to work with some fantastic kids, mentoring at Story Cave. Story Cave is a pop-up creative writing space for children between the ages of 8-10, inspired by the UK’s Ministry of Stories. Story Cave helps children have fun with words, expand their imagination and creativity and at the end of the workshops, every child Continue reading