You’re a poet and you know it

fridge magnet poetry "roses are red violets are blue"There are lots of different types of poetry. You may have already come across some at school. Just like books, there will some you like and some you don’t. Poetry comes in many forms, including haiku, sonnet, limerick, pantoum and free verse. Sometimes working to a form can inspire ideas. Try researching different poetry forms to see which ones appeal to you. If you want to try your hand at writing poetry, you might like to try one of the ideas below.

  • Write a poem inspired by this list of words.

Fern                                              Acrobatics                                    Journey
Dance                                           Wistful                                          Scribble
Perfect                                          Skip                                              Pattern
Forest                                           Mist                                               Want
Friend                                           Secret                                           Dress

You can use as many or as few as your want. Feel free to add your own words to help shape the poem.

  • If you’re reading a magazine or newspaper article you find interesting, you might like to try writing a found poem. Highlight phrases that appeal to you and try rearranging these into a poem.

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