A Sow’s Tale by Hannah van Es

Hannah, a current Brain Bunny student, has written this brilliant story, which she is sharing with us today. If your child has attended a Brain Bunny class or holiday programme, and would like to see a piece of their writing featured here, please contact us and let us know.

A Sow’s Tale

I remember a place where I lived in misery. Where I was always cold at night. Where I was always ill, or hungry for a decent meal. Where I saw the pain, the false hope in my mother’s eyes. Continue reading

Poems From the Churton Park Class

This week the Churton Park Brain Bunny class were learning about writing descriptions, and in particular about using metaphors and similes in poetry. They worked in two groups, and were asked to choose a topic and each write one metaphor or simile on that subject. Then we put the lines together to create two collaborative poems. The groups chose “The Sea” and “The Forest” as their subjects, and here are their poems.

The Sea

The Sea is like an angry storm,
waking from the deep. Continue reading

Story Cave

Logo for Story Cave. Picture of a bat with the words Story CaveThis week I got the chance to work with some fantastic kids, mentoring at Story Cave. Story Cave is a pop-up creative writing space for children between the ages of 8-10, inspired by the UK’s Ministry of Stories. Story Cave helps children have fun with words, expand their imagination and creativity and at the end of the workshops, every child Continue reading