Holiday Creative Writing Inspiration Seven

Pictures of faces cut from a magazineSometimes it can be useful to figure out more about the characters (the people) in your stories before you start writing. Even if it doesn’t all end up in your final piece of writing, information about your characters can help you get ideas about what might happen in the story, or even inspire a sequel! You might like to try some of the ideas below:   Continue reading

The Weather Machine Stories

Book Cover The Weather MachineA few months ago, I was lucky enough to win a copy of Donovan Bixley’s beautiful new book The Weather Machine. This wordless picture book is full of absolutely stunning illustrations, which tell the story of The Weather Machine and its inventor. This book is sure to become a firm favourite with children and adults alike, and would make a fantastic Christmas present.

Donovan wrote recently about how he was inspired by Dr Seuss’ The Lorax. Well, some of the Brain Bunny classes have found The Weather Machine pretty inspirational too! The girls wrote these stories after getting ideas from one or more of the illustrations. As you can see, they’ve each taken something different from the inspiration, and have come up with some very creative stories. Continue reading

Holiday Creative Writing Inspiration Two

fridge magnet poetry "roses are red violets are blue"Do you have a set of magnetic words? These are great for inspiring poetry. Even if you don’t have a set, it’s easy to create some of you own. Write or type out a list of words, then cut them up and try rearranging them into poems. You’ll probably have to add a few more words to finish your poem, but the list of words will help get your poem started.



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